Scott Ayer

Director, Service Operations / Cenitex (Department of Treasury and Finance) - Victoria

Scott Ayer is a senior executive who has had significant international and global operations experience managing and delivering ICT solutions in a competitive environment to fortune 500 companies around the world.

With more than 26 years experience within the engineering and IT industries, Scott is an accomplished leader with extensive expertise in software development services, infrastructure operations, ICT strategic planning and business analysis. He has led some significant change programmes re-organising and restructuring global operations in multiply countries as well as the implementation of some significant IT&T programmes/projects for example:
- Management and delivery responsibility for large applications development teams up to 8,500 people in 12 countries (onshore and offshore development teams)
- has been responsible globally for the deployment strategy, direction and investment to build and improve the skills, process, tool and technologies (capabilities) which support an applications business of some 34,000 staff including the transformation of those 34,000 staff into a new global delivery model.
- some significant BPO programmes to build a Credit Card Utility and the full payroll/BPO outsoucing operations.