Paul Tasker

Account Executive, Australian Taxation Office / Hewlett-Packard Enterprise

Paul began his career with Amoco in the Australian Oil Industry in 1981.  He joined BP with their acquisition of Amoco Australia in 1984 and spent his early years in a number of different mar-keting businesses in various Australian cities (Sydney, Wagga Wagga, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, and Hobart).  He began his formal IT career in 1996 as the Head of IT for BP for Australia and New Zealand.

Since then, he has held key IT posts in Asia and Europe and his last position in BP was as Head of Global Operations for the Digital and Communications Technology Function (DCT) of BP Plc.  In this post Paul was directly accountable for the operation of all BP's DCT worldwide Infrastructure and covered applica-tions hosting, desktop support, voice, network services and service management controlling an annual budget of $500m and a multi supplier ecosystem.

Paul joined Fujitsu Services in June 2007 as Head of Global Delivery, and developed and delivered the offshore strategy leading to the establishment of operating centres in Russia, Portugal, Poland and India delivering remote services to clients and improving competitiveness and service quality.

Paul moved to HPE (previously HP) in May 2011 as a Global Transformation Executive and has embraced a portfolio of ac-counts in Transformation to both engage with the client and assist the team to deliver beyond expectations.  Paul was ap-pointed leader of the Global Transformation Service in Sep-tember 2013 and the Account Executive for the Australian Tax Office (ATO) in November 2014.