Martyn Beal

Government Territory Mana / Dynatrace

Martyn is a born and bred Canberran with over 26 years of experience within the Information Technology industry. He started his IT career as an electronics technician with a background in electronics engineering. He was involved in circuit design and build of encrypted data modems and other security devices used in many Government agencies at the time.

Currently Martyn is the Government  Manager for Dynatrace which sees him have responsibility for all Federal and State Governments. The ACT office which is led by Martyn has great success across the largest of the Government agencies demonstrating the best of breed APM solutions that are available today.

Martyn’s 26 years IT experience has been primarily Government focused working across almost every Government Portfolio with a 12 year Defence and Security focus.

Martyn has held senior Sales and Service Management positions with, Oracle, SRA Information Technology, UXC Group, Data#3 Limited, Computer Associates, Compaq, SecureNet Ltd, GE Capital IT Solutions, Logical Solutions and Datapoint Corporation

Mid-way through his IT career Martyn was involved in a number of Start-ups in Canberra either directly as an employee or as a consultative mentor of which many of these organisations still exist in the Canberra market.

Martyn supports his customers with a range of experience in Service Delivery and Sales Management of complex IT projects and solutions across Government. Martyn has also been certified as a quality Auditor and was accredited in the 6 Sigma process whilst at GE. He prides himself on putting his customers at the centre of his business relationship with the Government agencies that he works with.

Martyn continues to be involved with many of the Government departments that he started his sales career with and is fulfilling his relationship management attributes through his current position at Dynatrace.