Jevon McSkimming

Superintendent & A/Chief Information Officer / New Zealand Police

Superintendent Jevon McSkimming is the Chief Information Officer (Acting)  for New Zealand Police, responsible for delivery of the organisations ICT environment. Prior to this he was Director Mobility and Innovation where he oversaw the award winning Mobility Programme.

Jevon joined Police in 1996 after completing his studies in 1995.  He has led substantial change management in large, complex departments and has delivered results and cost savings across Police.  

Starting his career in Auckland he completed front-line, Communications and Maritime roles before shifting to the far south where he took on a range of challenges as a rural and provincial sole charge officer.

An opportunity to re-write rural officers work terms and conditions saw him move to Wellington and was followed by transfer to the Royal New Zealand Police College to run the promotion courses for Sergeant and Senior Sergeant ranks.  As Deployment Manager for Wellington District Jevon and his team played a key role in the model and process design for the New Zealand Police Prevention First Strategy.

With a young family to support Jevon's love of racing motorbikes has taken a break, but he is still a keen pilot