Jarred Spriggs

Co-founder / Smartbit

Jarred is a passionate technologist with a strong background in computer science and robotic engineering. Jarred consults as a technical lead building real world financial accounting solutions. 

Jarred Co-founded Smartbit with the vision to integrate traditional finance and supply chains with new and exciting applications incorporating computer science and robotics.

Smartbit is a built from scratch platform for creating secure, transparent and smart applications on blockchains. The Smartbit platform, offers simple on-boarding for securing existing applications and empowering brand new types of smart applications. 

Smartbit's highly salable and secure platform successfully helped launch the world's first blockchain backed price index. The blockchain backed price index is the first price index which is publicly auditable in near real time.

Our objective is to build Smartbit to be one of the top blockchain platform providers and in doing so create large and valuable businesses.