Dr Mamoun Alazab

Senior Lecturer, Cyber Security / Australian National University

Dr. Mamoun Alazab is a Cyber Security researcher and practitioner with industry and academic experience. He holds a PhD in IT Cyber Security in 2012. Dr. Alazab’s research is multidisciplinary and includes both technological and criminological perspectives of computer crime, with a focus on crime detection and prevention.

Dr Alazab works as a Lecturer in Cyber Security at Macquarie University. He is lead investigator at the Australian National University (ANU) Cybercrime Observatory since 2012, he is Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at the ANU. Dr Alazab was also awarded Japan’s most prestigious academic award a fellowship from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science through the Australian Academy of Science in 2015. He is a Senior Member of the IEEE, Cybersecurity Academic Ambassador to Oman, and has worked closely with government and industry on many projects, including IBM, UNODC, Trend Mirco, the Australian Federal Police, the Australian Communications and Media Authority, Westpac, and the Attorney General’s Department.