Adrian Suherman

CEO, Lippo Digital Group; Commissioner, & /

Adrian Suherman is a technology entrepreneur who has more than 20 years of experience in building several businesses. He is currently the CEO of OVO, a smart application that offers cross-coalition loyalty, payment and financial services. He also serves as Commissioner of, Commissioner of and Group CEO of Lippo Digital Group who spearheaded the Lippo group's digitization drive across sectors.

Adrian Suherman started his career as a Group Manager at Oracle, Silicon Valley for seven years. During his time with Oracle, Adrian Suherman led a team to build supply chain applications.

After gaining several years of solid work experience, Adrian Suherman decided to continue his study and obtained his Master of Business Administration (MBA) from INSEAD-Wharton School of Business.

Adrian Suherman returned to Indonesia in 2006 and joined A.T. Kearney where he served as Corporate Manager, a position he held for almost four years before founding Dealkeren, a daily deals site which was eventually acquired by LivingSocial.

In 2012, Adrian Suherman joined Telkomsel, Indonesia’s largest mobile operator and served as Vice President of Digital Business.

Adrian Suherman also co-founded aCommerce, Southeast Asia-based startup that helps eCommerce companies in Southeast Asia to run their businesses.

In August 2015, Adrian Suherman left his position in aCommerce to join Lippo Digital where he was mandated to realize the group’s effort to integrate its digital ecosystem in Indonesia.