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Webinar: Rise of Digital Banks in the New Normal

07 July 2020 Online, , Australia

Financial Services institutions are being forced to rethink both the way they work internally and how they engage externally with clients and partners. But becoming a digital business isn’t easy. You can’t take old ways of doing things, put an app on them and declare victory.

Webinar: Optimizing Speed and Security for Public Service Delivery Initiatives

02 July 2020 Online, , Australia

As government and business returns to work under the Safe Work Australia guidelines, all levels of government face formidable challenges to deliver secure, trusted public services and do this with tighter budgets and resources.

Webinar: Digitizing the commercial lending process in times of crisis

25 June 2020 Online, , Australia

Governments around the world are issuing economic stimulus and relief packages for businesses affected by the outbreak.

Webinar: Post-Pandemic: How a Focus on Cost Optimisation Over Cost Cutting Can Save You More in the Long Run

23 June 2020 Online, , Australia

While many leaders can plan for a crisis, acting early to prepare your State department or Local Council with modern technologies can help keep elected members, administrators and staff moving forward even after, for example, a pandemic shuts down standard operating procedure, or “business as usu

Webinar: Financial Services Transformation: Architecting the Digital Enterprise

17 June 2020 Online, , Australia

More and more financial services companies are turning to modern cloud architectures and technologies as the foundation of their digital enterprise infrastructure – knowing that their underlying IT structure plays a key role in speed to market.

FST Government NSW Digital Discussions

11 June 2020 Online, , Australia

9:00am AEST | Data Driven Government : A Roadmap for Enabling Better Decisioning, Collaboration and Service Delivery

Webinar: Advancing Digital Transformation & CX Innovation to Cope with Unplanned Service Demands

10 June 2020 Online, , Australia

COVID-19 has tested systems and structures across the financial services industry.

Webinar: Personalised service and automated decisioning - Building agility for financial institutions in the face of change

04 June 2020 Online, , Australia

Financial Services companies operate in a dynamic and highly competitive market that is facing ever greater levels of regulation and customers who demand personalised and easy to use service experiences. 

Webinar: Business Continuity On Demand: Stop Responding to Business Disruptions. Be Ready for Them!

02 June 2020 Online, , Australia

The Next Normal – What does that mean?

FST Gov NSW Digital Panel Discussions

28 May 2020 Online, , Australia

9:00am-9:30am AEST | What a Crisis Tells You about Your IT Infrastructure and Services: US CIO Keynote Interview 

Webinar: Bots & your balance sheet – Why a Digital Workforce is key to transforming finance & accounting

28 May 2020 Online, , Australia

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a critical enabling technology in finance transformation plans.

Webinar: How financial institutions are reinventing consumer experience and fraud protection to work in a digital environment

26 May 2020 Online, , Australia

Flexigroup: Innovating a whole new world of consumer finance

Webinar: Building A Successful Data Strategy to Deliver Next-Generation Government Services and Overcome Business Model Disruption

21 May 2020 Online, , Australia

Building A Successful Data Strategy to Deliver Next-Generation Government Services and Overcome Business Model Disruption

Webinar: Keeping pace with tomorrow’s IT future – Adopting a low code digital automation platform

13 May 2020 Online, , Australia

Are your employees spending a lot of time waiting for IT to develop applications?  

It’s time to move to a low code digital automation platform to be able to easily develop applications for automating simple departmental functions to complex enterprise-wide solutions.

Webinar: How to address fraud through the use of machine learning-based risk analytics

07 May 2020 Online, , Australia

Account Takeover is one of the biggest threats that banks are facing today. With 3.8 billion data records compromised worldwide in 2018, it is evident that despite implementation of cybersecurity measures, digital channels remain vulnerable.