Dr. Tiravat (TO) Assavapokee

EVP, Head of Business Intelligence, Data Science, and Data Innovation / Siam Commercial Bank

Dr. Tiravat Assavapokee received his Ph.D. and MS. In Industrial and Systems Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology, USA in 2004 and received his MS in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering from Oregon State University, USA in 1999 and received BS. in Computer Science from KMIT’L in 1996.
Dr. Tiravat has expertise in applying data science and data analytics to improve business performance with more than 15 years of working experience working in USA and is currently leading data science team at SCB.  Before joining SCB, Dr. Tiravat has experience working at Capital One, Walmart Lab, Walmart, Manhattan Associate and University of Houston USA and have received the following awards:
·         CEO Circle of Excellence Award at Capital One
·         Innovator of the Year All Stars Award at Walmart
·         Innovator of the Year Award at Walmart
·         Best Teaching Award in College of Engineering at University of Houston
·         Best Teaching Award in Industrial Engineering Department at University of Houston