Andrew Dell

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) / National Australia Bank

Andrew Dell is NAB's Chief Information Security Officer and is accountable for the security of NAB and its customers globally.

The analysis, treatment and mitigation of security risk has been the foundation of Andrew's career. Formerly a commissioned officer in the Australian Army, Andrew has worked on security and risk related activities for large scale, complex military deployments and later, Defence-wide security policy and planning (national and international).

Following his time in Defence, Andrew worked as a consultant, focusing almost exclusively on complex, high security environments such as government departments, large telecommunications providers and law enforcement agencies in Australia and Europe. Andrew moved to Melbourne in 2006 where his work focused on law enforcement agencies, including establishing the Office of the Commissioner for Law Enforcement Data Security in Victoria (as part of the foundation team). Andrew moved to NAB in 2010 where he has held various leadership roles before being appointed NAB's Chief Information Security Officer in July 2016.