FutureMarketing Melbourne - Innovation & CX

26 November, 2015
Venue: Sofitel, Melbourne

Following detailed research on the major challenges facing senior marketers, FutureMarketing Melbourne - Innovation CX will facilitate discussion and learning on key strategic objectives amongst an exclusive gathering of senior decision makers within retail, financial services, media, utilities, travel and hospitality.

Peer-to-peer discussion tables allow networking and learning from senior level peers on a variety of topics throughout the day, enhancing the outcome of event participation. Each table features a different topic and is hosted by an expert moderator.  Confirmed keynote speakers, panellists and moderators include:

  • Peter Williams, Chief Edge Officer, Deloitte
  • Col Kennedy, Global Head of Marketing and E-commerce, Cotton On
  • Trisca Scott-Branagan, Executive Director, Marketing, Deakin University 
  • Karen Davies, Director Data & Digital, Bupa
  • Sandra de Castro, former CMO, NAB
  • Amanda Chase, Executive Manager- Marketing and Brand, REA Group
  • Doug Brown, Director Product and Operations, thrivor
  • Louise Eyres, Group General Manager, Marketing, ANZ
  • Lee Garfield,Senior Commercial Manager, AMP
  • Brad Howarth, Marketing & Technology Journalist

Delegates are carefully selected through an invitation-only process, restricting attendees to key decision makers. These include Chiefs, General Managers and Divisional Heads of Marketing, Digital, Customer Experience, Channels, Loyalty, Brand and other senior decision makers. Please submit your interest in attending via the below registration link, and our team will review your application.


Roundtable Peer-to-peer Discussion Topics

Brand Management 


Customer Insights



Why Brand Equity Equates to Reputation, and Reputation has a Direct Impact on Sales

  • Taking branding beyond your logo and into structure, design and culture of your organisation
  • Walking the talk – How to build trust and deepen relationship with consumers in the interconnected digital age
  • Influencing customer feelings and attitudes towards your brand

Industry Moderator: Louise Eyres, Group General Manager, Marketing, ANZ


Evolving the customer journey

  • Using customer data intelligently to demonstrate understanding and give your customers what they need
  • Deciphering customer data and overcoming the problem brands face when they are “drowning in data”
  • Creating a more engaging customer experience
  • Reducing churn

Industry Moderator: Lee Garfield, Senior Commercial Manager, AMP

Technology Moderator: Chris Williams, Sales Manager, Sema


Omni-Channel — Building a Cohesive, Integrated Experience Across Channels

  • Optimising each channel to cultivate a unified customer experience
  • Integrating channels for cohesive data collection and analysis
  • How can you track customers across channels for greater personalisation?

Industry Moderator: Sandra de Castro, former CMO, NAB 

Moderator: Douglas Brown, Director Product and Operations, thrivor


Social Media


Marketing Technologies


Social Media — Joining and Engaging Customer Communities

  • Utilising the personalised nature of social to engage individual customers
  • Feeding social media insights into the larger marketing strategy
  • How can you maximise the future opportunities of social channels?

Industry Moderator: Col Kennedy, Global Head of Marketing and E-commerce, Cotton On, 


Marketing Technologies – Creating Perfect Experiences

  • Customers are now in the driver’s seat; how to generate experience that meets their expectations
  • How do you cope with today’s consumer behaviour?  Choose the right channel, raise expectations and increase knowledge and social influence
  • How do you engage and motivate your frontline to deliver perfect customer experiences?

Industry Moderator: Trisca Scott-Branagan Executive Director, Marketing, Deakin University

Technology Moderator: Gerry Tucker, NICE Managing Director