FST Government Australia 2019

20 November, 2019
Venue: National Convention Centre Canberra

The Commonwealth has been lauded globally as a trailblazer for digital innovation. With billion-dollar investments in groundbreaking technologies, including blockchain and artificial intelligence, the Federal Government has cast itself among the world’s most progressive technology innovators. Yet, despite its lofty ambitions for transformative digital governance, the public sector remains burdened by legacy infrastructure and pre-digital era work cultures, too often stifling innovation across the broader public sector.

In our flagship event of the year, the FST Gov Australia conference will offer informed discussions on some of the key trends and issues affecting digital government, including:

  • Futureproofing the Australian Public Sector for next-gen service delivery 
  • Data-driven government, data governance, ethics and building trust with the citizens
  • Developing effective risk management framework, checks and balances for innovation in government
  • Navigating the risks of cloud and optimizing workforce mobility
  • Ramping up cyber security resilience and understanding emerging threats
  • Aligning workforce planning strategy with digital transformation, building digital literacy and uplifting staff to be agents of change
  • Building cyber security resilience and understanding the changing cyber safety landscape